CDTA and CDPHP Cycle!

CDTA and CDPHP Cycle!

Summer is here and CDPHP Cycle! is back! CDTA and CHPHP announced the launch of Cycle! earlier this week! The bike share system that has revolutionized multimodal transit in the Capital Region over the past seven years. By seamlessly integrating public transit and bike-sharing services, these entities have empowered residents, cycling enthusiasts and visitors with convenient, sustainable, and cost-effective options. 

CDPHP Cycle! closed out season six with a record-breaking 80,311 rides and more than 28,600 members. This past weekend marked the launch of season 7 which features a brand new website and the addition of pedal assist e-bikes to the fleet. 

CDTA has been a driving force in improving accessibility, reducing congestion, and promoting innovative solutions to enhance the commuting experience. Recognizing the growing interest in cycling as a reliable transit alternative, CDTA developed the CDPHP Cycle!, a bike-share program, to encourage bicycle usage for commuting, recreation and fitness. Conveniently located throughout the region - Albany to Amsterdam, Saratoga to Schenectady - CDPHP Cycle! stations make it easy to make short trips by bike. Since stations are often placed near CDTA bus stops, CDPCH Cycle! is a great for connecting to the region's transit system. The system also provides hubless options so customers can make quick, easy transitions if they aren’t in close proximity to a network hub.

The CDPHP Cycle! website or updated version of the app (available now at the App Store or Google Play) is all you need: locate bike stations, see if bikes are available, sign up for a membership, check your account, or use the pay-as-you-go option.

New for Season 7 are CDPHP Cycle! pedal-assist e-bikes, popular for navigating challenging terrain worldwide, offering the same health benefits as traditional biking while ensuring easier navigation on hills. The Cycle! Squad will be around town educating users on safety and best practices. Riders will notice the new e-bikes feature user-friendly technology, enhanced reflective striping for better visibility, and secure end-trip photo verification.  

Whether opting for a CDTA bus or utilizing CDPHP Cycle! for shorter journeys within the city, commuters can easily transition between modes, reducing reliance on private vehicles and promoting a more sustainable regional transportation network.