UAlbany Gardenway

UAlbany Gardenway

The UAlbany Gardenway is a major component of CDTA’s new Purple Line BRT Route, which runs from the Albany Bus Terminal to Crossgates Mall. The Gardenway is a one-mile segment through the UAlbany Uptown Campus that includes a new transit priority lane and BRT stations, along with new and expanded multi-use paths along Alumni Drive that increase connectivity and improve pedestrians and cyclist safety.

The Purple Line will enter UAlbany Campus from the Harriman West/ETEC Campus and continues on Alumni Drive. The route will pass the Indigenous Quad, the Outdoor Track and Field Complex, make a stop at the Campus Center Station and continue on Alumni Drive. The route then crosses the Dutch Quad Parking Lot and University Drive, exiting the campus at Fuller Road. Please note, once the project is complete, access to Alumni Drive will be limited to buses, emergency, delivery, and services vehicles.

The Campus Center bus stop has a modern, well-lit BRT shelter complete with benches, trash receptacles, and ADA accessible boarding options.  As a part of the Purple Line Project, this station will receive a large pylon with CDTA’s classic BusPlus branding allowing the stop to be easily located. The station will also receive bike racks, benches and other amenities.

The multi-use paths being constructed as part of the Gardenway illustrate CDTA's commitment to supporting multi-modal transportation beyond transit services. The pathways will receive new landscaping, increased lighting and safety enhancements, as well as being ADA accessible. Porous pavement will be used for the pathway to help with stormwater management, while green space along the pathways allow for endless possibilities when it comes to recreational activities. Overall, this project will enhance the UAlbany Campus, and improve transit services in the area.

Work began October 2021 and is expected to continue throughout Spring 2023.