BRT - Branding & Pylons

BRT - Branding & Pylons

You may have seen our shiny new BusPlus pylons installed at area bus stops along the future Purple Line. CDTA is ahead of schedule and the installation of these pylons is helping to announce the rollout of the BusPlus Purple Line even sooner than we anticipated.

New purple pylons were installed at the UAlbany Downtown and Harriman West/ETEC stops. This is an exciting sign of what's to come when the new service launches later this year.

These pylons are an integral part of CDTA’s BusPlus program. Standing at more than 11-feet tall these pylons serve multiple purposes. They house many electrical parts including the wiring for the stations’ heated sidewalks and snowmelt systems.  Wayfinding will be enhanced with the BusPlus logo at the top of each pylon set in the specific route color along with the name of the stop and the CDTA logo with styled dots for each of the BRT routes at the bottom.

American Public Transportation Association (APTA) states that the branding of BRT lines can deliver many benefits including increased customer loyalty, increased ridership, and support outreach efforts. CDTA’s BusPlus lines follow a specific color scheme: red, blue, and purple. The color of buses, stations, and pylons match their corresponding BusPlus line and serve as a unifying element which aids customers in identification, boarding, and transferring throughout the service area.

As the Red Line Refresh and Purple Line projects continue, keep an eye out for new pylons popping up in the Captial Region.