Gateway Mobility Center

Gateway Mobility Center

CDTA partnered with the City of Schenectady and Metroplex Economic Development Corporation to design and construct the Gateway Mobility Center. Once completed, this off-street passenger hub will create an enhanced transit amenity and transfer location within Downtown Schenectady. Adjacent to Gateway Plaza park, the Gateway Mobility center will further the City's redevelopment and beautification goals, Metroplex's mission to support local businesses, and CDTA's continued pursuit of enhancing transit service and customer experiences.

The Gateway Mobility Center will have new bus stations created for the dedicated, bus-only turnoff lane along the west side of South Church Street. The new stations will supplement the existing ones located on the south side of State Street. The transition will allow for passenger transfers between routes without the need to cross active roadways. Additionally, brand new shelters will be installed at the stations, and the existing shelters and amenities on State Street will be refreshed and repaired.

The Gateway Mobility Center includes reconstruction of sidewalks along both block faces for snow melt systems, the existing traffic signal at State Street and South Church Street to be upgraded to support Transit Signal Priority, and the implementation of a bus exclusive queue jump phase for eastbound buses.

In addition to accommodations for transit, the project includes a modest expansion of Gateway Plaza park, including new lighting, seating, and landscaping. Publicly accessible, surface parking capacity will be retained in support of local businesses. EV Charging stations will be installed at certain parking spaces and will be available for public use to further sustainability goals and encourage electric vehicle adoption.

Construction is underway and is projected to wrap up at the end of summer 2023.

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