Red Line Update: Phase I - Schenectady


Project Overview

CDTA is upgrading its first BusPlus project, the Red Line, which launched in 2011. The Red Line has the highest ridership and service frequency in the CDTA system; this demand warrants a thorough review of the infrastructure to ensure ongoing growth and improved service. The first phase covers the BusPlus stations in Schenectady from Veeder/Nott to Niskayuna, and includes data collection, traffic analysis, and public engagement to inform design changes that will improve the station areas and adjacent intersections for transit riders, pedestrians, and other travelers throughout the corridor.

CDTA is also working on a related construction project called Red Line Refresh. Learn more about the BusPlus Red Line, including the ongoing construction projects by visiting the Red Line Construction Projects Page.

Study Area

This study is just beginning. The team is assembling data and conducting initial screening of the Red Line stations.


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Get Involved

Public input is an important aspect of this project. The team will use in-person and virtual engagement methods including online surveys, pop-up events, and neighborhood meetings to better understand where people think pedestrian and transit improvements are most needed along this corridor.
Meetings:Woodlawn Neighborhood Association: Wednesday, June 28th Ancient Order Of Hibernian Hall; 1748 State Street Schenectady, NY 123046:30 - 7:30 PM
Hamilton Hill Neighborhood Association: Thursday, July 6thElectric City Barn; 400 Craig Street, Schenectady, NY 123076:30 PM
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As the study progresses, project documents will be added to this page. Check back soon!