CDTA Plants Trees at Brevator Street and Beyond

CDTA Plants Trees at Brevator Street and Beyond

In the Fall of 2022, as part of the construction for the upcoming BRT  Purple Line, CDTA needed to remove trees in the vicinity of Brevator Street, the NY Route 85 off ramp, and the Gardenway on Alumni Drive on the UAlbany Campus.

CDTA prefers to avoid removing trees during capital projects but sometimes there are no alternatives. If removal is required, CDTA will make sure to replant at least the same amount of new trees. CDTA works with partner agencies to select the appropriate species and identify the best locations to plant.

For work near Brevator, CDTA coordinated with the New York State Office of General Services (OGS) who requested specific types of trees and suggested seeding wildflowers in the grassy areas adjacent to the roadway because of the aesthetic and ecological benefits.

CDTA recognizes the crucial role trees play in mitigating climate change, improving air quality, and providing numerous other environmental benefits. By replacing trees and planting additional ones, CDTA is offsetting the environmental impact associated with the removal of trees while simultaneously beautifying areas it serves. These efforts showcase CDTA's dedication to sustainable practices and its commitment to creating a greener, more vibrant future for the community.

When CDTA has to remove a tree as part of a capital project, they attempt to not just replace it one-to-one, but when possible plant a second tree. At the Brevator location, 18 trees were removed and 29 new trees will be planted. CDTA has also worked with UAlbany on planting 233 trees along the Gardenway and worked with the City of Albany to plant 15 tree along the corridor near the near the Allen, Partridge, & Quail stations.